Rochelle, Owner




On our Hearts

Local to Roseville California owner, Rochelle, desired to create a business that exceeded every single clients expectations, and gave unusually great service paired with an amazing product.  Inspired to build a business that would be the vehicle that would allow her to be able to give back to this world to the height her heart craved.

When the opportunity to build On the Wall Metal Prints was provided with the partnership and backing of some of the greatest printing Gurus in the Metal Printing industry, it was then a perfect fit.

On The Wall Metal Prints wants to be the company that you can call directly, be hand delivered to. We want to design and be innovative, bringing your unique ideas and visions into life, all while being a company you can stand by and happily support.

With our driving force being the need to contribute to this world and attaining fulfillment on our way to success we will be donating 50% of our annual profits to a variety of local & international nonprofits. 

We hope to include you in our journey!


Rochelle & Team